Hoi An – Home away from Home


Hoi An is the ancient seaport where we live and work three months out of each year. It is a small city with a population of somewhere between 30,000 and 80,000 depending on which source you read or with whom you speak.  It has the feel of a small town, but like everywhere else in Vietnam is busy and noisy, with people constantly on the go and motorbikes competing for road space with tour busses, delivery trucks, bicycles, carts, cyclos and women trotting with shoulder poles.


We stay in a tiny brick bungalow, one of six, in a full service tourist homestay called Vuon Trau, which means Betel Garden, named after the Betel palms which shade the half-acre property. Our daily transportation around Hoi An is bicycle and we eat mostly Vietnamese food, although there are Western eating options available in the very touristy town.

When we are not working, our favorite hangout is this lovely beach which is used mostly by locals and ex-pats living in or near Hoi An.  The tourist companies have not yet discovered it and, because we would like it to stay that way, we are not telling you the name.