About Us

bruce and elaineAs a career officer with the United States Army, Robert Bruce Logan served two tours of duty in Vietnam, 66/67 and 70/71. Upon retiring from the military, he moved to Canada and became a consultant to businesses as an expert in Organization Development and Corporate Strategy. His Doctoral studies (ABD) were in Adult Education at the University of Southern California.

Bruce is an “armchair” scholar of the history of the Vietnam War. As a member of a team which conducts tours of reconciliation, he puts this knowledge to work, along with his expertise in research and map reconnaissance, assisting groups of returning veterans eager to find the sites where their significant battles were fought and memories forged. He has been featured in two television documentaries, filmed in Vietnam by government sanctioned programs, about his return as an American veteran involved in humanitarian work. A third Vietnamese documentary, to be released in 2015 to celebrate 40th Anniversary of the “Reunification”, will feature Bruce and other returning veterans as emissaries of the new peace with the USA.

Elaine Head retired from a large Canadian food retailer where she managed first the Human Resources Department, then the Training Department, where she developed management training materials and taught team building and communication skills. Elaine has written articles for magazines and newspapers about the work of Journeys of the Heart, the humanitarian trips to Vietnam on which she and Bruce have embarked for six years. She writes and edits newsletters, articles, blog posts, and promotional materials for  Vietnamese clients and the CEO’s of the organizations for whom she works in Vietnam.

Together Bruce and Elaine make presentations to church, business, social and veterans’ groups about their experiences—enlightening audiences about the culture of Vietnam, the history of the Vietnam war, the plight of veterans suffering from PTSD and the effects of Agent Orange on those veterans and the Vietnamese—and their work with victims of leprosy, school children in remote villages and the disabled.

Elaine Head and Bruce Logan live on Salt Spring Island, where Bruce teaches sailing and Elaine gardens, raises funds and maintains the blog for Journeys of the Heart (http://ebtovietnam.blogspot.com).  They share four grown children and many “adopted” Vietnamese family members.